Butch Watson

I'M MOVIN ON - Words and Music by Butch Watson

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WALK ON DOWN THE ROAD WITH ME - words and music by Butch Watson

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AS A Hero Passes by - words and music by Butch Watson

http://butchwatson.webs.com/As A Hero Passes By  -Lt Collins Comes Home - mp3.mp3On April 7th, 2010, 1st LT Robert Collins from Tyrone, GA and PFC William A. Blount, from Petal, MS  were killed when their vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device near Monsul in Northern Iraq. On April 15th, LT Collins came home to Tyrone. I witnessed his procession and was inspired to write this song in honor of LT Collins and all who have sacrificed for our Country. May God bless our soldiers!! May we never forget those who have fallen!!

We fly everywhere - words by Butch Watson - music based on Geoff mack's song "I've been everywhere"

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JIM AND DIANE - words by butch Watson - music based on John Mellencamp's "Jack and diane"

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